Free Rx Bags


If you are looking for free prescription bags then Rx Express Media’s custom prescription bags are for you. 

You can have Free Custom prescription bags with your LOGO, STORE NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, ADDITIONAL SERVICES, etc. After all, Custom Rx bags are the only promotional tool that leaves your store with all of your pertinent information on it. Your prescription bags become walking billboards that advertises your business and attracts new customers!


Upgrade from stock bags to custom Rx bags for free today!

Why not turn your plain, generic stock bag into a Custom prescription bag that promotes and advertises your store?

Build your brand and create an identity that is unique to your store.

Call Rx Espress Media Today! 1-866-443-0745

Since 1999, Rx Express Media has provided FREE prescription bags to independent pharmacies across America. Both chain stores and locally owned pharmacies receive and distribute these bags.

Here’s how it works: We’ll send you 24,000 FREE prescription bags. On the outside of the Rx bags, we place ads from local businesses around your store. Before any bags are printed, you will receive a proof to make sure all advertising is acceptable to you.  Your only obligation is to hand out the bags to your customers with their prescriptions.  It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!

Our bags are 35 lb. white, machine-glazed, glossy paper, or recycled paper are available in 3 popular sizes, and are the best bags money can buy, except you don’t have to because our Rx bags are absolutely free!  They’re environmentally friendly too!

Your choice of 4 print colors is included, and we can include any custom logos and store information you would like (address, hours, services, etc…)!

Order yout free rx bags for your pharmacy today!

There are so many benefits to shopping locally which support our neighborhoods, communities, and independently owned pharmacies.


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