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Here at Rx Express Media, we are dedicated to providing our customers Rx bags for Free, Absolutely no cost! Let Rxexpress.com help your pharmacy with your Rx bag needs.


Rx Express Media Free Custom Prescription Bags


Rx Express Media provides free custom prescription bags to multiple independent pharmacies, cooperatives, groups, grocery chains, and pharmacy chains throughout the United States.

You can have Free Custom prescription bags with your LOGO, STORE NAME, QR CODE, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, ADDITIONAL SERVICES, etc. After all, Custom Rx bags are the only promotional tool that leaves your store with all of your pertinent information on it. Your prescription bags become walking billboards that advertises your business and attracts new customers!

Specializing in completely free custom prescription bags, we professionally design your bag artwork from scratch. Our graphic designers build artwork specifically for your pharmacy with images including your logo, contact information and anything else you would like to include.

If you have your own artwork already, no problem. Just send us your camera ready artwork and we will put together a proof for your approval.

If you decide to use a QR code on your bag we will also create a video about your pharmacy that you can link the code to or publish on your website, youtube channel, etc…

We deliver the finest quality prescription bags featuring beautifully designed artwork, professionally printed that you will be proud to use.

All for Free!


Rx Express Media provides free prescription bags to independent pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Cooperatives & Groups as well as Pharmacy Chains throughout the United States. The only obligation our clients have is to use the bags we provide. Call us Today at 1-866-443-0745 to order your free custom prescription bags.
Visit us at www.RxExpressMedia.com